Dear Friends,

The story of Micro Screws Manufacturing Company Private Limited began in late 1972, when Micro Screws Manufacturing Company Private Limited, decided to start a fastener factory. In 2008 MSPL came under the arms of the new management. With past rich experience of more than 35 years MSPL has started turning around since Dec.2008 professionally. The future of MSPL looks promising with an efficient management at the helm and an army of qualified staff who are always eager to serve. We will continue building up and keep our distinguished efforts devoted to exceed our customers’ expectations.

MSPL has an ambitious plan to provide special and unique services to the client in order to meet their goals.We seek to assist them with all possible means for the success of their business.
MSPL believes that today’s business environment requires an efficient and capable management to create a vision of the organization’s future. MSPL Success relies on its dedicated employees and on the farsighted vision of the upper management. The top management has invested both money and time to realize the significant success and to create a work environment, which will catapult MSPL into one of the leading companies in the fasteners field.

We, in MSPL, consider our clients as our partners in success.  We will try our best to serve you in a way you will feel fully satisfied. We exude our ardent desire to be a successful partner in your business, in the nearest future.  We appreciate your choice of MSPL


Mr. Rahim Shekhani (Director) 
Mr. Riyaz Shekhani (Director)